Prices Depend On Skills & Experience

  • Diva set............$175

    The Diva Set is our premiere service perfect for that big event or special occasion. With this service, your lash artist will have two and a half hours to give you a flawless set of lashes with over 90% of your natural lashes with extensions.

    Pick of Diva lashes

    Time: Approx 2.5 hours Coverage: Up to 90%-95%

  • Glamour set.....$99

    This classic service gives your lash artist enough time to apply extensions to 75-80% of your natural lashes. Choose a style: cat eye, diva, natural and see how your eyes transform in just under 2 hours!

    *up to 80 lashes would receive an extension. Pick of Diva lashes

    Time: Approx 90 minutes Coverage: Up to 75%-80%

  • 4-week Fill..........$79

    It is not recommended to wait more than 3 weeks between fills, however we understand that life happens and it is not always possible to get into the studio. This 4-week fill should be expected to take 90-120 minutes. While it is still considered a fill, your lash artist will be limited on time and will likely be unable to give you the fullness you expect from a lash service.

    *Allow for approximately 120 minutes Pick of Diva lashes

    Ideal for

  • 3-week Fill...........$49

    At 3 weeks your extensions will be ready for some professional attention. This appointment will last around 75 minutes and will allow your lash artist to fill gaps and straighten out the extensions that remain.

    *Allow for approximately 75 minutes Pick of Diva lashes

    Ideal for GLAMOUR

  • 2-week Fill...........$29

    Lash My World recommends getting fills as regularly as possible. This 45-minute appointment will allow your lash artist the opportunity to continuously maintain your extensions and evaluate the condition of your natural lashes.

    *Allow for approximately 45 minutes Pick of Diva lashes

    Ideal for GLAMOUR

  • Bottom Lashes...$29

    Nothing makes your eyes pop like matching bottom lash extensions. Bottom lashes are a great service to get before a big event or photo shoot. Because of their position under the eye they only last a week, but for a few days they are sure to take your confidence and wow factor up a notch.

    *Allow for approximately 30 minutes Pick of Diva lashes

    Time: Approx
    30 min

  • Waxing

    Click here to read more about this service and for pricing information.

    Pick of Diva lashes